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Orthodontic department

If you have an Orthodontic problem, or you are concerned about the aesthetics of your teeth we can help you, even if you may think it cannot be treated. We treat children, adolescents and adults with any dental or skeletal orthodontic problem.

We have an up to date service using the latest technology available for Orthodontic treatment. So please, come and see what you can achieve with our help. Our website will hopefully inspire you to have treatment that you may have ignored for long.

Paediatric department

If you have a child from from the age of one up to eighteen years old we take care of the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of all kind of dental problems. If your child suffers from dental fear, we have the expertice to help him/her cope in the dental setting. We can handle his/her dental fear professionally. Also, we provide counseling for the parents so as to help their child to minimize any risks of having dental decay at a young age.

Preventive department

If your child suffers from dental decay starting from a very young age that means that when he /she will become a teenager, they will be at risk for having dental decay again on their permanent teeth. Therefore, by the end of any operative dental treatment, it is imperative to follow up with frequent recall visits for exams, cleanings and fluoride treatments. Also, during orthodontic treatment the hygiene is compromised and gingivitis or dental decay can occur. For all the above reasons, our clinic maintains a hygiene department where all the clinic patients enjoy all the preventive facilities, including cleanings, fluoride treatments, oral hygiene instructions and teeth whitening.

Our staff

Our staff is well trained not only in chairside assisting but also in helping children and their family to cope with the stress of any dental treatment.

Our clinic

Our clinic is specially designed to be friendly and pleasant to children and enjoyable to adults. A play house, a fish tank, 2 playstations, books and free wi-fi are available in the waiting room so everybody can be entertained and at the same time be introduced to the dental environment.

Age one
First visit to the dentist at the latest|
Brushing teeth
Brushing teeth from age one = A treasure for your child's teeth|
No more than 3 sugary snacks per day|
Dummy sucking
Better stop between 2-4 years old|
Thumb sucking
If your child is above 4 years old and is still thumb sucking, then we can help you|
Dental prevention starts from pregnancy|
First tooth
First baby tooth erupts between 6/10 months|
Juices and soft drinks
Frequent consumption of juices and soft drinks can destroy your teeth fast|
Dental decay is the most frequent childhood disease|
Fluoride treatment
Fluoride treatments in the dental office twice a year can decrease dental decay by 40%!|
Sealants can save the molar teeth from dental decay|
Fluoride causes no harm in the correct dose|
Mouth breathing
Chronic mouth breathing can cause serious orthodontic problems|
First exam
First orthodontic exam at age 6-7 years old|
Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic treatment is for all ages|
Dental phobia can be managed professionally|
Special needs
Children with special needs can find help in our office|