How often do the children need a routine check up?

Most children need to have their routine check up every six months. During this visit, a cleaning and fluoride treatment are provided, depending on the child's needs. Also, a meticulous examination of the teeth and all the oral structures is done by the Paediatric Dentist during this routine check up. Children's dentitions are developing and therefore there is a need for continuous monitoring to prevent several dental and orthodontic anomalies. Dental decay is very frequent in children and can quickly develop (within 6 months) from a tiny one into a large one, close to the nerve of the tooth. Also, children who had dental treatment still are in risk of developing new caries. Therefore the 6 month check up is the standard of care even though patients in higher risk of dental decay or gingivitis are seen every 3 to 4 months.

Radiographic exam

For complete and precise dental examination the radiographic examination is equally important and necessary for complete diagnosis. Therefore during the routine check up, x - rays are taken whenever the dentist considers them necessary. Many times teeth that look absolutely healthy can have cavities at the contact areas with the adjacent teeth.

Actually, sometimes these cavities are deep close to the nerve of the tooth without being noticeable in the clinical exam.

Frequency of fluoride treatment

The frequency of fluoride treatment is usually twice a year, but patients in higher risk may need fluoride treatments 4 times a year. Also orthodontic patients may need more frequent cleanings and fluoride treatments due to increased risk for caries or gingivitis during the orthodontic treatment.

Age one
First visit to the dentist at the latest|
Brushing teeth
Brushing teeth from age one = A treasure for your child's teeth|
No more than 3 sugary snacks per day|
Dummy sucking
Better stop between 2-4 years old|
Thumb sucking
If your child is above 4 years old and is still thumb sucking, then we can help you|
Dental prevention starts from pregnancy|
First tooth
First baby tooth erupts between 6/10 months|
Juices and soft drinks
Frequent consumption of juices and soft drinks can destroy your teeth fast|
Dental decay is the most frequent childhood disease|
Fluoride treatment
Fluoride treatments in the dental office twice a year can decrease dental decay by 40%!|
Sealants can save the molar teeth from dental decay|
Fluoride causes no harm in the correct dose|
Mouth breathing
Chronic mouth breathing can cause serious orthodontic problems|
First exam
First orthodontic exam at age 6-7 years old|
Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic treatment is for all ages|
Dental phobia can be managed professionally|
Special needs
Children with special needs can find help in our office|