Benefits from orthodontic treatment

Improves smile and facial esthetics:

Research shows that the improvement of smile and facial esthetics through orthodontic treatment contributes a lot to the improvement of the self confidence and self esteem in children, adolescents and adults.

Archieve the "Ideal Bite":

That means that the stomatognathic system (teeth, jaws, muscles, nerves) function under ideal conditions and this guarantees that the person who receives this treatment will never experience any other dental problems for the rest of his/her life.

Improvement of chewing ability:

By achieving the "ideal bite" the chewing ability is at its best.

Improvement of speech:

Many orthodontic problems (i.e. openbite) can create speech problems. The correction of them dramatically improves the speech quality.

Improvement of oral hygiene conditions:

Many pathological conditions (i.e. periodontitis) that can lead to premature loss of permanent teeth and eventually collapse of the stomatognathic system happen because of a "bad bite" or "crooked teeth". The orthodontic correction of this problem tremendously improves the oral hygiene conditions and eliminates any bad side effects.

Age one
First visit to the dentist at the latest|
Brushing teeth
Brushing teeth from age one = A treasure for your child's teeth|
No more than 3 sugary snacks per day|
Dummy sucking
Better stop between 2-4 years old|
Thumb sucking
If your child is above 4 years old and is still thumb sucking, then we can help you|
Dental prevention starts from pregnancy|
First tooth
First baby tooth erupts between 6/10 months|
Juices and soft drinks
Frequent consumption of juices and soft drinks can destroy your teeth fast|
Dental decay is the most frequent childhood disease|
Fluoride treatment
Fluoride treatments in the dental office twice a year can decrease dental decay by 40%!|
Sealants can save the molar teeth from dental decay|
Fluoride causes no harm in the correct dose|
Mouth breathing
Chronic mouth breathing can cause serious orthodontic problems|
First exam
First orthodontic exam at age 6-7 years old|
Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic treatment is for all ages|
Dental phobia can be managed professionally|
Special needs
Children with special needs can find help in our office|