Trouble shooting

Here are some answers to questions you may have regarding Orthodontic Treatment.

  1. Is Orthodontic Treatment painful?
  2. Orthodontic Treatment does not cause any pain, although initially you may feel some pressure which is quite natural, we also give you some wax which helps to relieve any irritations you may have in the beginning.

  3. Are brackets difficult to clean?
  4. No, we will instruct you on cleaning your brackets effectively and we also provide you with all means to maintain a high level oral hygiene.

  5. What do I do if a brackets breaks?
  6. You must call the clinic to make an appointment to have it re-cemented, although it is very important to do this it is not an emergency and if your appointment is in 2-3 days it will not matter, however leaving it for a long period will cause the treatment to relapse.

  7. Will wearing brackets harm my teeth?
  8. Orthodontic brackets are placed on the teeth using a composite resin, with a fluoride base, this will not harm your teeth and the fluoride is very beneficial, however bad oral hygiene will cause problems, so this is why we stress its importance from the very beginning of treatment.

  9. What happens if wires break or becomes displaced?
  10. You must call the clinic to make an appointment to have this repaired, in the mean time use your wax to help any discomfort.

  11. Can I eat anything?
  12. Yes but you must be very careful not to bite with your front teeth hard food as this can cause damage to the brackets. You will need to cut food smaller. In some cases, sweet sticky foods will also cause problems with bacteria, as will fizzy drinks. We will ensure you know all this information before you start treatment so do not worry, it is not as bad as it sounds.

If you want to ask a specific question regarding your treatment please use the "contact us" site and we will reply to you very soon.

Age one
First visit to the dentist at the latest|
Brushing teeth
Brushing teeth from age one = A treasure for your child's teeth|
No more than 3 sugary snacks per day|
Dummy sucking
Better stop between 2-4 years old|
Thumb sucking
If your child is above 4 years old and is still thumb sucking, then we can help you|
Dental prevention starts from pregnancy|
First tooth
First baby tooth erupts between 6/10 months|
Juices and soft drinks
Frequent consumption of juices and soft drinks can destroy your teeth fast|
Dental decay is the most frequent childhood disease|
Fluoride treatment
Fluoride treatments in the dental office twice a year can decrease dental decay by 40%!|
Sealants can save the molar teeth from dental decay|
Fluoride causes no harm in the correct dose|
Mouth breathing
Chronic mouth breathing can cause serious orthodontic problems|
First exam
First orthodontic exam at age 6-7 years old|
Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic treatment is for all ages|
Dental phobia can be managed professionally|
Special needs
Children with special needs can find help in our office|