Testimonials / Happy smiles

Elizabeth Constantinou

Awesome work! Thank you for giving my daughter Daniela a beautiful smile. You made her so happy! AND 10 years ago you did an equal excellent job with my son Ricardo's teeth. Your clinic is incredibly well organized, it is easy to communicate with the secretaries, they are always responsive and attentive - you have a great team!

Angelos Christofi

I would like to thank Dr. Petros and his colleagues for a professional and fantastic treatment (always professional and always friendly). I can now finally smile with pride! Thank you Dr Petros team!!!

Sandra Radjenovic

I really enjoyed my time here (with everyone being so friendly) and I'm really happy with my experience! We're all very satisfied with the final result, thank you very much!!!

Marcos Ioannou

I've been attending dental checkups for years, including bi-annual cleaning appartments and braces operations, which have all been great. I'm not afraid to flash a smile anymore, as my dental care has been excellent and produced amazing results.

Dora Tayrou

The results speak for themselves! Thanks to Dr. Petros and his team for the professionalism, patience and friendly attitude to our kids! Many thanks and best wishes always!!!

Michailides Aristides

Very happy with the result. Through out my years here the staff have been very helpful and kind.

Zoe L. Beeks

Eleni is my fourth child having braces here! Our experience has always been good – friendly/professional service! I am even considering getting my own teeth straighten! Thank you very much for everything.

Mihailidou Maria

All staff has always been amazing and kind. The finish result is what i expected.


Choosing your clinic, after a bad experience with previous dentist, was the best decision. Fully satisfied with the whole treatment and especially with Mr. Petros! Once you are in good hands, the result is perfection!

Fantastic, caring staff and a comfortable dental care experience. I have had a year's worth of excellent and professional treatment here!

I'm very pleased with the result. Perfect service. Wonderful and well trained professional staff!

My experience was excellent. Everyone was extremely friendly. Thanks for being so gentle and kind. Thanks to Dr. Petros and the staff for my beautiful smile.

This clinic is absolutely amazing. As soon as my teeth started growing they were crooked and now in a years' time, I have this beautiful smile! Thanks to all the dentists in this clinic.

Yes, I am very happy to be treated by your dental experts and the outcome is amazing! All doctors are very kind and polite. Thank you for treating me!

I really enjoyed this experience. Thank you for making my teeth straight!

I am very happy with my smile. And all the staff is very kind and friendly!

My name is Ksenia Lizyagina. I thank Dr. Petros Kokkinos for my smile. Also I thank all the staff members. I recommend all my friends to visit the clinic.

Just a little note to say thank you all for everything, especially to Dr. Petros and Dr. Niki Kokkinou. I can now smile with pleasure! I have conquered my fear of coming to the dentist and my life is now much better. I have the confidence to show my amazing teeth. Very grateful for all you have done!! Many thanks.

Age one
First visit to the dentist at the latest|
Brushing teeth
Brushing teeth from age one = A treasure for your child's teeth|
No more than 3 sugary snacks per day|
Dummy sucking
Better stop between 2-4 years old|
Thumb sucking
If your child is above 4 years old and is still thumb sucking, then we can help you|
Dental prevention starts from pregnancy|
First tooth
First baby tooth erupts between 6/10 months|
Juices and soft drinks
Frequent consumption of juices and soft drinks can destroy your teeth fast|
Dental decay is the most frequent childhood disease|
Fluoride treatment
Fluoride treatments in the dental office twice a year can decrease dental decay by 40%!|
Sealants can save the molar teeth from dental decay|
Fluoride causes no harm in the correct dose|
Mouth breathing
Chronic mouth breathing can cause serious orthodontic problems|
First exam
First orthodontic exam at age 6-7 years old|
Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic treatment is for all ages|
Dental phobia can be managed professionally|
Special needs
Children with special needs can find help in our office|