Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies

Orthodontics on a higher  level.


Cardiax Machine 

An electronic recording of all movements made by the temporomandibular joint. This information is analyzed and integrated into the treatment pan. This way we can deal with any dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint.


SAM 2 Articulator (condylography)

The orthodontic treatment we provide in our clinic is designed and delivered based on the harmonious coexisting of function and esthetics.The anatomy of the temporomandibular joints, the inclination of the cusps of the posterior teeth and the inclination of the anterior teeth  are the elements that are studied with the use of the above mentioned tools for a perfect functional result.

In our clinic we use condylography (electronic registration of the movements of the condyle of the lower jaw) and mounting of the case on the SAM 2 articulator. These constitute the best diagnostic tools for the precise and detailed planning of the treatment (joint related orthodontics).


It is the strongest diagnostic tool that exists in this therapeutic approach. (Craniomandibular or Joint related orthodontics). Initially we locate the true hinge axis of the condyles and then we start the registration of all the mandibular  (jaw ) movements which are : Position of the condyle in the joint where the tissues of the joint are unloaded, closing of the lower jaw until the first tooth contact, closing of the jaw from the first toot contact to full intercuspation, forced bite, open – close, protrusion – recursion, laterotrusive movements (left- right), swallowing, phonation, bruxism, matication (left- right). Every movement is registered 3 times for more accuracy. Then the findings of the condylography are analysed and the information we get, help us to have a “clear picture“ of the condition of the temporomandibular joint . Based on this , we decide which is the therapeutic position of the condyle in the jointwhere the tissues of the joint never get overloaded during any function of the jaw. In this specific therapeutic position of the condyle, we built the occlusion of the teeth. By doing this we put in harmony the joint, the occlusion, the function of the muscles. Establishing this harmony the symptoms are eliminated and the quality of life of the patients improves immediately.


Intraoral scanner iTero

This hi- tech machine scans the oral cavity and reproduces a three-dimensional imaging of the teeth and jaws.  There is no longer a need for impressions!  The images are sent to special workshops abroad for the processing and later on, the manufacturing of the orthodontic appliances.  With this method the precision of manufacturing and placement of the orthodontic appliances is excellent.

The intraoral scanner is a very high-tech machine that is used for the reproduction of three-dimensional models of the oral cavity.  In fact, the intraoral scanner replaces the classic impression-taking of the teeth. The intraoral scanner is used mainly for the impression of the teeth when lingual brackets  and transparent aligning splints (Invisalign) are used.  In addition, it is used for the detailed and precise control of the occlusion of the teeth before the end of the therapy as well as the precise design of surgical cases.