The Orthodontic and Pediatric center Kokkinos Smile Clinic was founded in 1995 from the Orthodontist Dr. Petros Kokkinos and from the Pediatric Dentist Dr. Niki Kokkinou. It was the first and only dental practice that specialized and continues to specialize exclusively in two and only terms: Orthodontic treatment for kids, teenagers and adults, and Dentistry for kids, teenagers and children with special needs.

In the course of time, our clinic grew and gained associate Doctors, as well as a well-trained team.

Our team offers you a unique service that you will not usually find. Our patients start with us at the age of one and continue to be with us until they reach adulthood. When they leave our office they are free of any dental or orthodontic problems, and most importantly they have eliminated dental phobia and have already acquired the right dental values.

The biggest advantage our patients have is the fact that they are continuously monitored by all the departments throughout the years. This enables us to intervene for any dental or orthodontic problems at optimum time, thus rendering the treatment more effective and less complicated.

In many cases this advantage helps us to limit ourselves to prevention, which in turn eliminates the need for treatment.


I was born and raised, live and work on a beautiful island, Cyprus. As a child I was charmed by the sea. It became an important part of my life. I fell in love with it and this love gave birth to the desire of exploring the sea and its mysterious world. I always dive with a camera in hand. My photos reveal the amazingly beautiful, colorful, silent and rich sea world. I hope that this revelation will make all of us love, respect and protect the Divine heredity of nature, a large part of which is the sea.



``The farm``

It is the clinic where we accommodate our youngest new patient of one to two years old, for his first dental visit. It is decorated with farm animals, the first animals that the child learns about, and thus makes the child feel that he is in a familiar environment.

Here, the child and parent will learn for the first time, in detail, about how to take care of the teeth, what to look out for with the use of the bottle and breastfeeding, and the consequences of dummy and thumb sucking. Later on, the child will become familiar with the dental chair, however if the child is less than two years old, he will be examined in a special bed on our special bench.

First tooth = first dental examination

``Mickey and his friends``

The classic Mickey Mouse, well-known to children of all ages, creates joy and euphoria to children when they meet him. That is why the first of our four treatment clinics is decorated with the beloved cartoon hero along with all of his friends.

In this clinic, treatments for young children are done, as well as examinations of young pre-school and school-aged patients. The educational poster has been decorated in the same spirit as the rest of the space.

``The apple trees``

Children with special needs have a special place in our clinic. Elena Karakatsani, an autistic child, was my inspiration in creating this room. I have been monitoring her for at least twenty years and over the years we created a special bond. One day she came to our clinic with a bag full of drawings that she made for me. In all her drawings, she wrote ‘ Niki I love you very much”. All of her drawings are designs of various types of apple trees with different expressions.

I therefore decorated this clinic exclusively with Elenas’ drawings and I dedicate this room to all the people with disabilities that visit my office. The difficulties we face during their treatments  helped us to improve our character becoming more patient and more persistent …. So, thank you Elena for all the precious presents you gave  me! And I would like to tell her I love her very much as well! ❤”

Dr Niki Kokkinou

``The birds``

The colorful world of birds has always been a pole of attraction for me. In the effort to create colorful and delightful clinics for the children, we decorated the third out of our forth treatment clinics with different types of birds. A tree was built as well which consists of small bird nests thus creating a playful clinic that is pleasing to the child. The educational poster has the theme of owls – a symbol of wisdom – making it consistent with the whole decoration.

We mostly enjoy working in this clinic!

``Van Gogh``

Van Gogh has always been my favorite artist, so I decided to dedicate him one of our treatment clinics. The clinic with the petrol blue color dental chair has been decorated with Van Gogh’s paintings. As it is known, the petrol blue color is the color that dominates in the painting with the almond tree which he drew out of joy when his brother gave birth to a child! The painting with the toddler who is taking his first steps is very symbolic to our clinic; when the child takes its first steps, it should also have his first visit to the Dentist! I therefor dedicate this room to myself and it is my favorite room to work in.

Dr. Niki Kokkinou



Dental Hygiene and Prevention clinic

The white and blue, the clean whitewashed houses of the Aegean and the endless blue-foamed waved has brought us the inspiration for the Dental Hygiene and Prevention clinic. Landscapes from the Aegean but especially from the Cyclades. In this clinic, Dental cleanings and generally all Dental prevention takes place. Here we clean teeth and make them white like the houses of the Cyclades, and also here we train parents and children on how to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Basically here….we grow children with strong teeth!


``New patient clinic ``

Dr. Petros Kokkinos will examine the occlusion of your teeth and will discuss with you alternative treatment options. Metallic braces, lingual braces, or Invisalign aligners; Our goal is a proper occlusion, aesthetically perfect smile and relief from any symptoms and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint.

``Orthodontic Clinic``

We call them……the chairs of smile! Here we will see you on your regular appointments to check your progress and take any further steps for the next phase of your orthodontic treatment. We also address any emergency that can occur during your orthodontic treatment. Here we have a huge smile every time! And of course, here we live the indescribable joy when the treatment is completed and you shine with happiness wearing your new smile!


The coexistence of man with all of nature’s creation is always harmonious.  Harmony is what characterizes nature, it is nature itself. This word also characterizes our therapeutic approach since our orthodontic treatments harmonize the functionality of the stomatognathic system and aesthetics. My underwater encounters with all sorts of sharks helped me experience this harmony of co-existence, in all of its majesty.

This photo in the adult patient room is inspired by this belief and I chose this one because there is also a video taken by a Canadian couple without knowing it.

Dr. Petros Kokkinos



This space has been created to keep young children busy till they are called to be examined. The doll house dominates this area and is also a creation of our architect. This doll house was designed 24 years ago when we first operated our first practice and was built by the woodworker Onoufrios Christofides. Since then, it has been dismantled and dyed three times to fit with the decoration. The doll house has hosted thousands of children with tremendous success because of its playful layout that exposes the child’s imagination. The same space is decorated with works of children’s art and with photographs done by the artist Christina Drakou.


A radiographic image complements the clinical diagnosis and is very important. A modern panoramic – cephalometric machine, along with a wall-mounted radiograph has been installed in this room, which is fully shielded with lead.

``Conference Room “Limassol”``

This room has been created for meeting and seminars. We have decorated it mainly with rare photographs of the old city of Limassol, some of which date back to 1850. The porters at the harbor, the boats , the waterfront with the patisseries where our parents took us when we were children, make up the picture  of old Limassol. On the northern wall we filled it with old photographs of the capital and co-capital  of the Hellenism of Athens and Thessaloniki. Adjacent to these photographs are hanging two sad cities of Hellenism, Kerynia and Smyrni. Of course, the other occupied homeland, Famagusta, could not be missing from our walls.

When we are in this conference room we are surrounded by all our homelands and we feel an incredible tranquility and at piece.