Techniques that have been developed to combat dental phobia and which we use in our clinic are:

  1. Tell – Show – Do
  2. Use of a model-modeling (Parent – Sibling)
  3. Desensitization
  4. Psychological aid
  5. Distraction
  6. Presentation of educational DVDs
  7. Establishing limits – behavioral management
  8. Use of mild soothing

It is part of our profession to recognize the reasons that cause your child’s concern and fear for the dentist and to deal with his behavior. Most children are easily acquainted with the dentist only by using simple methods of coping with their behavior. Others need more time and effort and more complicated methods of coping with their behavior.

However, if for any reason your child has inappropriate behavior that we cannot handle, we inform you and we suggest alternative methods of providing dental care, such as the use of soothing medications or general anesthesia.

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