“I had the pleasure and honor to be invited to the 65th Annual Meeting of the International College of Dentists ICD, which took place between 8 and 12 June 2022, in Porto, Portugal.

On June 10, as part of the Scientific Program of the Conference, I gave a presentation about dental prevention in preschool ages and how Kokkinos Smile Clinic significantly contributed to the development of a dental culture by disseminating information on the importance of dental prevention to the children of Cyprus.

This was done through informative campaigns that were designed and completed with the valuable help of scientific companies such as the Cyprus Society of Paediatric Dentistry and the Paediatric Society of Cyprus.

Our clinic, however, has always been the beacon of these actions, which helped to inform children and their parents and changed the mentality regarding healthy eating and the need for a timely visit to the dentist.

We are grateful and extremely proud for the fact that our efforts are appreciated beyond Cyprus’ borders. We hope that the information of our presentation will help other dental clinics in Europe to follow the same example.

We love what we do and care about our community. That is why we created the institution “I care” ”

Dr. Niki Kokkinou