Cerebral Palsy

Source of information: “Dentistry guide for parents and carers of children with disabilities and health problems” of the Pediatric Dental Association of Cyprus

Cooping mechanism at the Dental clinic

In most cases it is not possible to have a Dental cleaning and Fluoride treatment in the Dental clinic thus reducing the general anesthesia that these children need for the provision of their specialized dental treatment. The sooner the first visit, the better it is.

Specialized sleeves that limit the mischievous movements of the hands, making the treatment possible.

As specialised Dentists we use special equipment. Special mouth dispensers help in better and safely opening of the child’s mouth. In order to reduce the irregular movements of the hands, special aids such as sleeves and other means can be used in order to immobilize them. Aids can also be used to immobilize the head of the child.


Sometimes, where the child’s perception allows it, various songs, music, narration of a story can be used to draw the child’s attention from dental work while helping to increase his co-operation. Also, the use of surgical suction facilitates the removal of water which is being secreted by the dental instruments, which in turn reduces the likelihood of aspiration during treatment. The use of an elastic isolator (see image) is extremely useful for the treatment. This helps for a safe Dental treatment since it blocks the opening of the oropharynx, and makes the treatment much easier since it does not allow the tongue to interfere during the treatment.

Special mouth dispenser

Elastic isolator for safe treatment

Care at home

Appropriate position when brushing the teeth

If the child is on a wheelchair, stand or sit behind him and on the side. Control with your hand his head by holding him under his chin with light support on your body. Many times two people are needed to be able to brush the teeth of the child. One will hold the child’s hands and the other will brush the teeth.

Best method to open the mouth

There are ways that you can open the child’s mouth and protect your hands from possible biting and the child itself.

Toothbrushes that are provided in the market

Mouth dispensers that are fabricated with a soft material for home use, which can better help in a safe opening of the mouth.

Use of Dental floss

In order to be able to clean the areas that the toothbrush cannot reach, you must use dental floss. There is a difficulty in the use of floss and it takes a lot of practice, but it will be very beneficial if it can be used. In cases where you cannot use traditional floss for your own protection (avoiding being bitten), there are a number of other products available in the market that can help you.