Hyperactivity / Attention Deficit Disorder

Source of information: “Dentistry guide for parents and carers of children with disabilities and health problems” of the Pediatric Dental Association of Cyprus

Hyperactivity / Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention Deficit disorder (ADD) is a neurological disorder characterized by inability to focus, and in some cases hyperactivity. It affects 11% of preschool children and school age children.


Oral Characteristics

Due to the lack of attention, there are high chances of bad oral hygiene and other oral diseases (Dental caries, Gingivitis, etc.) Due to hyperactivity, the risk of Dental trauma increases. Usually the majority of children experience severe teeth grinding.


Cooping mechanism in the Dental clinic

It is one of the most difficult groups of children to treat in Dentistry.

  • Meeting with the parent to discuss how to handle the child at the clinic.
  • Dental appointments should be short and in the morning time where the child is restful and after the child has taken his medication.
  • The Dentist will give short and clear instructions to the child so that the child understands what the Doctor expects of him and for the treatment to be done quickly and safely.
  • Frequent breaks during treatment.
  • Familiarize the child with the tell-show-do method.
  • Small and frequent rewards for his good cooperation such as stickers enhance the child’s cooperation.
  • Where appropriate, the use of the Nitrous Oxide mask can relax the child. This may be the only solution to making the treatment possible at the clinic.
  • Frequent cleaning and Fluoride treatment for prevention.


Home care

The Dentist will advise you. The most important thing is not to surrender to the difficulty of working with the child for brushing and flossing the teeth, or to give in to the inconsiderate consumption of sweets or frequent snacks. Oral hygiene should be incorporated into the child’s morning and evening routine.