Normal Orthodontic Treatment

Normal Orthodontic Treatment

It should begin when the patient is in permanent dentition, approximately at the age of 10 – 12 years.

Usually, it is not necessary for all the primary teeth to be changes as long as the teeth are ready to exfoliate soon. This will be determined by the Orthodontist and it is very important for early intervention and correct timing of the treatment in order to have a great and fast result.

For this reason, it is recommended that the child visits the Orthodontist at the age of 9-10 for a check-up appointment.

During such visit, a clinical and radiographic examination with a panoramic x-ray is usually done.

At this stage a panoramic x-ray is a very useful diagnostic tool since it helps the Orthodontist decide when is the ideal time for the initiation of treatment.


The panoramic x-ray at the age of 9-10 can provide us with the information which can be used to prevent possible impaction of the canines. In this panoramic and in the images 2 and 3, provides us the information which lead to the timely extraction of the deciduous canines and the self-correction of the position of the erupting canines preventing them from becoming impacted.

Sometimes, if the diagnosis is delayed (image 4) it will lead to canine impaction and the need for a surgical exposure of the tooth, and sometimes this unfavourable condition might cause root resorption of the adjacent tooth (lateral incisor).

In this case, things become more complicated. It is extremely important to mention the following:

Esthetics and function are two extremely important and integrated factors. We should never sacrifice one over the other. This treatment outcome should provide excellent smile esthetics and a functionally perfect bite. An ideal bite which is in harmony with the anatomy of the teeth and the temporomandibular joints not only does it contribute to the asymptomatic function of the stomatognathic system but it also contributes to the general well-being of the body.

Our treatment philosophy is based on the above principles. 

Any other occlusal scheme without the above mentioned characteristics causes problems such as wearing of the teeth, temporomandibular joint problems such as clicking and pain during opening and closing, ear buzzing, frequent and strong headaches, pain behind the eyes, physical weakness etc. in order to provide our treatment philosophy to our patients, our clinic uses state of the art modern technology such as the intraoral scanner for the reproduction of 3D models and fully adjustable articulators which control the occlusion of teeth with excellent precisions.