Welcome to the Orthodontic Department

Welcome to the Orthodontic Department

Many people think that Orthodontics simply straightens the teeth. Wrong! Orthodontics is the specialty of Dentistry that studies and deals with the correct occlusion of the teeth and the correct relationship of the jaws. A beautiful and bright smile is always the result of harmony in the relationship of the jaws and proper occlusion.

To make this possible, the easiest way is early diagnosis and then early intervention. Early diagnosis can prevent disharmony in the relationship of the jaws while they are growing and therefore can easily and effectively be prevented. This will help to the utmost in creating the beautiful smile that all the people of the world dream of.

Principles in which the Orthodontic Treatment we provide is based on.

Aesthetics and function are two interconnected factors and should never be eliminated. The planning of each Orthodontic treatment is done in relation to the anatomy of the temporomandibular joint, the anatomy of the teeth, the inclination of the occlusal plane and the normal functionality of the jaw muscles. Since the above factors are in harmony, the joints are not overloaded and the muscles work under ideal conditions. This harmony leads to the proper functioning of the stomatognathic system, which in turn contributes to the general well-being of the body.

In cases of patients with dysfunctions and severe symptoms such as: clicking noise when opening and closing, joint pain, frequent headaches, pain behind the eyes, neck pain, severe tooth wear, buzzing sound in the ear and general depression can be treated with incredible efficacy, when the Orthodontic treatment places the teeth in a correct occlusion based on the above principle.

In our clinic we spend a lot of time preparing each case based on this philosophy and we pay great attention to the detailed control of the final functional occlusion of the teeth.

We live the extraordinary results of such treatment on a daily basis and this is what fills us with joy and satisfaction.

This is the driving force for us.

Dr. Petros Kokkinos


When does Orthodontic treatment begin?

There is no answer to the above question because every case of an Orthodontic problem has its own time to start treatment. For this reason, the American Society of Orthodontists recommends a visit to the Orthodontist from the age of seven years and earlier if in case the parent or family Dentist or the personal Physician of the child diagnoses an Orthodontic problem.

This may surprise since Orthodontic treatment is usually associated with puberty. However, the examination at an early age will help the Orthodontist determine the appropriate treatment time for the particular problem of the child in order to achieve the best results in less time and with the least cost. In many patients, treatment that starts early shows results that cannot be achieved once the growth of the bones of the face and jaws has stopped.

In general, most of the time, Orthodontic treatment begins around the age when the primary teeth are changed, i.e. 10-12 years old. In some cases, it can start at the age of 7 depending on the problem or it can be done in 2 phases, first at 7 and then the child changes all his primary teeth.


How much does a treatment cost?

The actual cost of an Orthodontic treatment varies widely, depending on the severity of the problem. Your Orthodontist is willing to discuss the cost with you before starting the treatment.

Usually a comfortable payment plan is arranged with an initial deposit and monthly instalments.

When considering the cost of an Orthodontic treatment, do not forget the long-term benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile.