How often should the routine checkups of your children be?

Most children need to visit the Dentist for dental checkups every six months. During their visit, teeth are cleaned and fluoride treatment is done according to children’s needs. In addition, thorough dental and gum control is performed by the Pediatric dentist. Children with mixed dentition need to be monitored regularly to prevent certain orthodontic anomalies.

Tooth decay is a common phenomenon in children, and within six months the carious lesion can quickly grow from a small one to a large one and thus  threaten the tooth’s nerve. Even children who have repaired their teeth are still at risk from new cases of caries. The dental examination period every six months should be kept constant for all patients although patients at high risk of caries or gingivitis are examined every 3-4 months.


Radiographic examination

A radiographic examination is just as important and necessary as a clinical examination for a complete and accurate Dental diagnosis. During the routine examination and if believed necessary by the dentist, the corresponding radiographs are obtained. Many times teeth that look completely healthy can develop tooth decay on the contact points with adjacent teeth. In fact, these caries can be deep and very close to the nerve of the tooth and are not perceived by the clinical examination.


Frequency of Fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatment usually takes place twice a year. However, high-risk patients to caries need fluoride treatments three to four times a year. Also, patients with orthodontic problems may need more regular teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments due to the increased risk of caries or gingivitis during their orthodontic treatment.