Welcome to the Pediatric Department

Our goal: to give your child positive experiences and help them cooperate in our dental clinic. We use various handling methods according to their behavior in order for us to provide the correct treatment. We also focus our attention on prevention and oral diseases and their reduction during adulthood and afterwards.

First visit to our clinic

The first visit is the most important one since it is based on the childs experience in the Dental environment. So (with the exception of emergency cases) the first visit aims to familiarize and provide psychologically support to your child in the dental environment.

In addition, the following mild procedures are carried out during the first visit:

  • Exam and diagnosis
  • Radiographic examination (if needed)
  • Oral hygiene and nutritional advises
  • Fluoride treatment (if needed)
  • Discussion with the parents about the diagnosis, treatment and choice of the appropriate coping method with the child’s behavior

We follow the above procedures in order to establish a precise diagnosis which helps us:

  • To get to know the child’s psychology, character and reactions, in order for us to be able to handle the child at his next visit when they start treatment
  • To classify the child in the corresponding risk category for carious lesions
  • To implement the right program of preventive treatment and dental care
  • To evaluate the child from an Orthodontic point of view

Regulations of the Pediatric Department

Every company or organization that respects the work and its customers applies rules or operating rules to better serve customers. We embrace the above principle and apply the following regulations on a daily basis regarding patient appointments. Our goal is to arrange our time in the best way for your child’s benefit.


Appointments – Working hours of the clinic

The reception of the clinic is open from 9am till 7pm excluding Saturdays. The appointments are scheduled by the reception. If you cannot attend your appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours earlier. An early cancellation notice gives us the ability to arrange other children’s appointments and relieve them of pain. In cases where no early notice is given, the missed appointment time will be charged. The appointments are scheduled to complete the planned treatment so as not to make the child upset by coming multiple times to the clinic. Surveys show that frequent visits adversely affect the child’s ability to cope in the Dental environment.



Extraction of teeth are mainly scheduled in the morning hours so that there is enough time, before bedtime, for the numbness from the anesthesia to go away, for the bleeding and pain to stop, and for the child to be in a better psychological mood.


Emergency cases

We prefer to deal with emergencies in the morning hours where there is more time. For this reason, please call us as soon as possible.


Small children and children with special needs 

Small children and children with special needs cooperate better in the morning when they are well rested. For this reason, the morning appointments are mainly arranged for these children.



At your child’s first visit, you are more than welcome to accompany them at the treatment area. Afterwards, taking into consideration the age and ability of your child to work with us, your escort to the treatment area is our decision, but we also take into consideration your own desire since we want you to feel god and comfortable as well. Keep in mind that when your presence is discreet, you help build mutual trust between us and your child. Mutual trust guarantees good communication and improved the child’s cooperation with us during treatment.

Survey shows that when mothers feel stressed during the child’s first visit, they transmit it to the child who is unable to work with the Dentist.

For this reason, please do not express yourself openly to the child and try to be calm and make a positive appointment at the Dentist.